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By now you know we're a modern, high tech farm! 

Do you know how to identify a modern high tech farmer?

He's out standing in his field!!! 

Below is our revamped version for Florida – taken from a Nebraska rancher friend’s website:


MODEM - what you did in the hayfield today
KEYBOARD - where you hang your keys
WINDOWS - what you close when the hurricane’s close
WINDOWS XP - what you call windows in a sports car
LOG ON -what to throw in the cook stove before supper
HARD DRIVE -getting home during a rain storm
DOWNLOAD -getting the hay out of the pickup
MEGAHERTZ -what you get if you’re not careful downloading
MICROCHIPS -what calves leave in the pasture
CRASH -what you do after you receive a bill for your fertilizer
COMPUTER -what you say when calling your dog “Puter” to supper
BYTE -what “Puter” does if you don’t feed him

Ya'll come back now, hear?


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